History Of Bhandara District

A) About the Dist- Information regarding brief history of the district.


Bhandara district is the ancient district in the State, Bhandara district's known history goes back to 11th Century. shri Chakradhar Mahapraphu the founder of Mahanubhav sect has visited and stayed in different villages of Bhandara district in 11th century, his long stay was at Bhandara and his first disciple Nilkantharai Bhandarekar hailed from Bhandara city. Lila charitra the main religious book of Mahanubhav Sect has several references regarding Bhandara district.

Famous For

Bhandara is the rice bowl of Maharashtra state Chinnor, Dubhraj, Kalikammod, these scented rice varieties from Bhandara district are famous in the State. Bhandara district is known as district of lakes. District is rich in forest, beautiful lakes, natural flora & fauna have enhanced natural beauty and grandeur of the dist.

Historical Facts

Bhandara is the word derived from "Bhannara".Ratanpur (Dist. Bilaspur) excavation has confirmed the historical status of Bhandara. In the stone inscription of Ratanpur, Bhandara district was in existence in the 11th century. Bhandara district was governed by feudal dynasty of Lanji from 1818 to 1830 and Lanji was the head quarter of the dynasty. Bhandara district with its head quarter at Bhandara was formed in 1821. Bhandara district was again divided and New Gondia district was formed on 1st May 1999. Thus Bhandara & Gondia district have come into existence.

Geographical Information

Bhandara district is situated on the bank of Vainganga River of Godawari Basin. Bhandara district is encircled by Balaghat district (M.P.) in north, Gondia in east, Chandrapur, in South, and Nagpur in the West. Hilly region of the northern side consists of Satpuda range, Bhivsen Koka are small hillocks in this range. Gaymukh, Ambagad, these are the prominent hills in northern hilly region.

B) Historical and Religious Places in District.

Name of Historical or Religious Places
Itís significance

Sangadi Kila

Ambagadh Fort

Paoni Kila

Pande Mahal

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